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Brine Shrimp Feeder

This is a brine shrimp feeder for picky and/or slow eaters.

The premise is that brine shrimp (baby or young ones) are placed inside this unit, then the unit is put in the tank for Mandarins, Seahorses and other slow feeders that can eat the shrimp though the net. The net keeps the shrimp from escaping in to the filters of the system.

This model is magnetically attached, so the user can fill it, deploy it on the side of the aquarium, and retrieve it with an included external magnet. It can also be placed on the bottom of the tank or wedged in to the rocks.

Brine Shrimp Feeder

Brine Shrimp Feeder

Included magnet is warranteed for one year, but it's suggested that the unit not be left in the tank 24/7. Rinse and dry it after each use for the longest life. Over time water might seep in to the magnet casing and destroy it.

Special Introductory Price: $19

Free shipping with any other item, or with two or more units.

Lifetime warrantee!

BAS will repair or replace any unit that is returned to us (shipping pre-paid) that is no longer functional, at no cost, as long as it has not be obviously abused.

Please allow additional time if you are requesting special colors or logos.