Barr Aquatic Systems

Portable Frag Rack

This is a portable frag carrier, suitable for taking to reef swaps or even to the LFS to pickup frags. It's designed to fit in the included container, that has a 120mm inside top opening, and is about 122mm tall. Due to the small water volume it's not recommended for shipping.

Portable Frag Carrier

Printed in PETG for the best life, in a transparent blue. Other colors available on special request (minimum orders may apply). Branding is also available.

The rack handle screws in to the base, but it does come assembled and ready for use.

Portable Frag Carrier

Available with 1/2" mounting holes. Note that large plugs may not fit in adjacent slots. 1/2" plugs fit fine.

Portable Frag Carrier

Portable Frag Carrier

Special Introductory Price: $29

Lifetime warrantee!

BAS will repair or replace any unit that is returned to us (no COD please) that is no longer functional, at no cost, as long as it has not be obviously abused (shipping not included).


Plastic items are printed in PETG, which is fully food and reef safe. The printing process is not perfect, and some visible defects (as shown in the pictures) may exist. Items may be available in select colors, please ask. Typically available:
  • Translucent Green
  • Translucent Blue
  • Translucent Red
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Bubblegum Pink
Available with minimum order of $100 or more (when in stock):
  • Translucent Magenta
  • Translucent Orange
  • Translucent Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • White

Please allow additional time if you are requesting special colors or logos.

All magnets are N50 Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB Rare Earth), and are epoxy coated at the magnet factory for rust resistance. They are then encased in PETG plastic for extra protection. Use care with them, they are strong and can really jump. Keep away from pacemakers or children under 5 years old.

Extra strength magnets are available for an additional fee, please inquire.

Lifetime warranty on all 3D printed products.

Wholesale orders:

Wholeseale or reef club orders are welcome! Minimum order ammount is $250. With $500+ orders, free logo work is included to put your logo on each item. Logo artwork must be provided, and there are limitations on what will fit on the parts, and be legible. Simple, monochrome art works best.